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Reldens - MMORPG Platform

The project main goal is to create a good MMORPG base for anyone to use. A tool that will give to developers the possibility of create a multiplayer game without the need of deal with all the difficulties to make it work in a secure and efficient way over any network.

In a later phase the next step is to make it available for non-developers as well, so normal people could use an interface to create and run the game online.

What you will get?

The entire game interface: The game-server administration panel to manage all the game contents:

Built with

  • Node JS
  • MySQL
  • Parcel
  • Colyseus
  • Phaser 3
  • Firebase

Features List

Request a feature here:

Coming soon and news!



We use this demo to show how many features are available.

To access you can register in the following link (the basic registration will require email, user and password, but none real data is required here):

Your email is required to access the server admin:

Contact us

Join our Discord channel: or send us an email to

Support us! :)




If you like to contribute in anyway or donate to support the project please also feel free to contact me at


FOSSA Status

FOSSA Status

By DwDeveloper