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Magnetism is a website CMS. Its currently under heavy development and is not yet production ready.

For those that have been watching Magnetism, it has been converted into a gem. To get it up and
running please do the following:

  # make a new rails instance
  $ rails new magnetism_demo

  # add two gems to your Gemfile
  gem 'magnetism', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'development'
  gem 'liquify', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'master'

  # bundle everything up
  $ bundle install

  # install magnetism
  $ rails g magnetism:install

  # setup magnetism
  $ rake m:setup

You can now launch the rails server and navigate to localhost:3000/admin

Oh no! I updated and things aren’t right!


I added mattr_accessor :defensio_key to the config/initializers/magnetism.rb generator file. If this is your first time installing Magnetism you wont see an problem, but if you are now updating Magnetism you wont see any indicator of where to add your Defensio key. Add config.defensio_key = 'my-key-here' and you should be set.


All images, stylesheets and javascript files were copied into the Rails.root/public directory
when you’d run rails g magnetism:install. These files are now kept within the gem
and do not get copied out.

If you’re updating your copy of magnetism please delete the Rails.root/public/admin directory if
it exists.

Magnetism and Liquify?

Liquify is a wrapper to the popular Liquid templating engine. It’s being developed at the same time
as Magnetism so updates for both happen frequently.

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