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Public Notes is a Markdown notetaking app with the ability to share notes publicly.
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Public Notes

Public Notes is a Markdown note-taking app that works on desktop and mobile. Like any other note-taking app, you get a rich text editor that auto-saves your notes as you type. If you want to share a note, simply click Make Note Public, and a live URL is generated that you can share with anyone in the world. The magic of Public Notes is that your live note will be rendered into HTML, creating a blog-like reading experience!

Tools Used

Feature Roadmap

Improve onboarding experience. When you first enter the app, not enough time is spent walking through how to use the app. You're literally thrown straight into the functionality. I'd like to create an onboarding experience for new users.

Add note categories and other features to navigate notes better. Currently, as the user adds more and more notes, it just becomes one long unwieldy list. I want to add functionality like a search bar, note categories, and a better UX to make navigating through and finding notes pleasant and easy.

Known Bugs

  • On mobile, the notes list starts to grow in height if you add lots and lots of notes.
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