Create a BIDS structure for a DICOM folder.
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A set of utilities to automatize the conversion of DICOM into NIfTI files and to organize the output conforming to the BIDS format. DAC2BIDS tries to be as compatible as possible with the Donders Institute DAC (Data Acquisition Collection).

The recommended workflow is:

  1. Generate a bids folder structure for your project. Example:
mkdir -p experiment-datasets/sub-{01,02}/ses-{01-02}/{func,anat,fmap}
  1. Generate yaml files with These yaml files are used as input to:
  2. Convert DICOMs to NIfTIs with dcm2niibatch.

DAC2BIDS covers step number 2 of the workflow above. The generated yaml configuration files serve a double purpose as they document what DICOM folders are being converted to what NIfTI files.


Requires Python 2.7 and the following modules: yaml and dicom.

Installation and Usage

Use pip to install the required modules and simply call dac2bids from the command line. See dac2bids –help for the calling syntax.


Currently only supports DICOMs from latest Siemens scanners (VD13+).