Launch v8 inspector/devtools on demand for long-running apps
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Launch v8 inspector/chrome-dev-tools on-demand for long-running apps. Requires node >= v8.0.0, otherwise dev


Demo 1 - Normal Activation Demo 1 - Normal Activation Demo 2 - Paused Execution Demo 2 - Paused Execution


Load the inspector-on-demand module at any point in your app using require('inspector-on-demand') and type any of the following commands in your terminal to launch the inspector:

  • CTRL+Y - activate inspector listener. This will not pause further script execution.
  • CTRL+U - activate inspector listener and pause further script execution until inspector is open.
  • CTRL+X - deactivate inspector listener. After this combo, the inspector cannot be re-enabled.

Then launch chrome and navigate to chrome://inspect and launch the newly added remote target. If you are having trouble launching the inspector you might want to consider using NiM Inspector Manager Chrome Extension.


MIT © Daniel Kalen