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How do I get started with the command line parameters of ReportGenerator?

Use the online configuration tool to get started quickly.

What's the difference between Html and HtmlSummary report?

HtmlSummary creates a single HTML file summary.htm (without links).
Html creates the summary as index.htm (with links) and detailed reports for each class.

Learn more about Output formats and have a look at the sample reports.

Can you add feature XYZ to the report?

Just ask or learn how to create Custom reports.

Here you find some samples:

Which coverage tool supports which features in the HTML report?

Line coverage Branch coverage Coverage by test method # Method metrics
OpenCover x x x 5
PartCover x 0
dotCover x 0
Visual Studio x 2
NCover x 0
Cobertura x x 3
Mbprof x 1) 0
  1. Only basic line coverage support possible since XML files generated by mbprof only contain coverage information about lines in code elements that have been executed at least once.

I get a FileLoadException when executing ReportGenerator. How can I fix this?

If you use the Nuget package you won't have any problems. It only happens when you use the ZIP download. Make sure to unblock the ZIP file before extracting it.

Since version 2.0.4 this should happen automatically.

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