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Software for the QO-100 groundstation of EA4GPZ
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Software for the QO-100 groundstation of EA4GPZ

This repository contains software that I use in my QO-100 (Eshail-2) groundstation. The groundstation constists of a BeagleBone Black driving a LimeSDR mini which is connected to a Ku-band LNB for the downlink and a large 2.4GHz PA for the uplink. More information about the groundstation can be seen here.

Narrowband transponder software

Linrad and GNU Radio streaming software

My main software solution for the narrowband transponder uses an external computer running Linrad for RX and GNU Radio for TX. See this blog post for more information.

To run this software you must:

  1. Start the Linrad Python server
  2. Start the socat server that will listen to GNU Radio using start_gnuradio_socat
  3. Start the LimeSDR streamer using start_eshail_limesdr

In another PC you can use eshail_300k.grc to stream TX samples using GNU Radio and Linrad using the network protocol (16bit RAW samples IP to receive the downlink.

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