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Simple django blogging app, for Python 3
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Simple django blogging application, for Python 3, licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Tested under:

Install the app and the demo site

See the theme section below to download a theme from Twitter-bootstrap, or get the files from this separate repository: my-blognajd-theme. Then follow the next steps to install the application and run the demo site:

$ virtualenv -p python3 ~/venv/test-blognadj
$ source venv/test-blognadj/bin/activate
$ cd ~/venv/test-blognadj
$ git clone git://
$ cd blognajd
$ pip install -r requirements_tests.pip
$ cd example/demo/
$ python syncdb --noinput
$ python runserver

Admin access with user admin, password admin.


The theme is based on Twitter-bootstrap 2.3.2 and its files are not provided within blognajd due to license incompatilibity.

Go to the Twitter-bootstrap website and customize all the components (colors, fonts, layouts, buttons, navbars, forms, etc). Download the bundle and copy css/bootstrap.min.css and js/bootstrap.min.js to your blognajd static directory `static/blognajd.


There are 10 customizable settings:

BLOGNAJD_SITE_LONG_NAME = 'for the html title and such'
BLOGNAJD_META_KEYWORDS = 'this that theotherthing'
BLOGNAJD_META_DESCRIPTION = 'Once upon a time...'
BLOGNAJD_PAGINATE_BY = 10 # number of stories per page
BLOGNAJD_TRUNCATE_TO = 200 # number of words per story to show in the home
BLOGNAJD_HAS_ABOUT = True # whether about page is active
BLOGNAJD_HAS_PROJECTS = True # whether projects page is active
BLOGNAJD_HAS_CONTACT = True # whether contact page and form are active

Static pages (about, projects, contact) do exist already. Edit their templates (blognajd/about.html, blognajd/about.html and django_contactme/base.html) and change their texts in the flatblocks_xtd in the admin interface. Better to see it in the demo site.


Includes a test suite. If you commit code, please consider adding proper coverage (especially if it has a chance for a regression) in the test suite.

Run the tests with: python test

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