Extension to the CodeIgniter Output Library adding extra functionality to the caching mechanisms.
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CodeIgniter Core Output extension

This file extends the functionality of CodeIgniter's core output library. This has been tested with CodeIgniter 2.1.0.


Copy the MY_Output.php file to your application/core folder. Assuming your config is still set to use the default 'MY_' prefix for library extensions, the library will be automatically loaded. If not, you will need to amend the MY_Output.php file name and class name appropriately.

##Clearing a cached path

To clear a cache file for a specific URI path use:


This will return TRUE if successfull, FALSE if not.

##Clearing all cache

To clear the cache for all URI paths use:


##Checking to see if a path is cached

You can check to see if a specific path is cached already by using:


This will return TRUE if the path is already cached, FALSE if not.

##Checking the expiration time of a cached path

You can check to see when a cache file is set to expire by using:


This will return the unix timestamp (as an int) of the expiration or FALSE if the cache file does not exist.