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OSX Boost Library 1.60.0 (i386, x86_64) Pre-compiled with (libc++ and libstdc++ branches) - Boost OSX
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#ofxOSXBoost for Boost 1.60.0 image

Boost C++ Libraries 1.60.0 Pre-compiled for OSX


  • Addon with Boost 1.60.0 for OSX / Xcode
  • Precompiled library and Command to build yourself
  • Master is currently a Fat Lib of All Standard Architectures
  • Check Branches for others or to be specific
  • Designed for use as an open frameworks addon, however should definitely work for other OSX projects
  • Master currently built with libstd++ and using std=c++89
  • Alternate Branch for libc++ and std=c++11 (libc++)
  • License: See Boost License LICENSE.MD


Where to checkout?

  • For openframeworks: Checkout in the addons folder like so: addons/ofxOSXBoost
  • For others: anywhere you please


How To Link to an Xcode Project?

In Xcode Build Settings for your project:

  • Add to Library Search Paths ( LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS ) $(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxOSXBoost/libs/boost/lib/osx
  • Add to Header Search Paths ( HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS )

In the Target under Build Phases

  • Add to 'Link Binary With Libraries' the boost.a found in the ofxOSXBoost/libs/boost/lib/osx directory.

If not openFrameworks just add the libs/boost/include to Header Search Paths and the libs/boost/osx to Library Search Paths


Architectures in Pre-Build Library (Fat Lib)

See the other branches on this repository (Currently libstdc++, check branch for libc++)

  • x86_64 (64-bit intel)
  • i386 (32-bit intel)


How to Build?

  1. You don't need to. This has the pre-compiled versions of BOOST for you to use
  2. If you would prefer to build it yourself checkout the script included in the scripts directory.


How to use Build Script

  • Download files (suggested you download the files to addons/ofxOSXBoost for openFrameworks)
  • Double click and run scripts/build-libc++
    • (this will download the 1.60.0 version of boost and begin compiling the library).
  • Once completed in the terminal continue with the next steps.
  • Add the ofxOSXBoost to your project (src and libs for your chosen architecture)

Build with Bitcode Embedded:

  • Build with embedded bitcode by running the scripts/build-libc++withBitcode

Alternative Build Script:

  • Build using libstdc++ by running the scripts/build-libstdc++

Clean script

  • Run the clean script from scripts/cleanAll to remove pre-compiled code and the final built library


Documentation on Boost 1.60.0


Version 1.60.0 (Date): December 17th, 2015 15:52 GMT

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