Quick hack to use letsencrypt DNS challenge with dnsimple
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Quick hack to use the letsencrypt DNS challenge with dnsimple.

Running with installed ruby

Requires ruby 2.3.0.

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install
$ DNSIMPLE_API_USER=you@foo.org \
  NAMES=foo.org,www/foo.org \
  ACME_CONTACT=mailto:you@foo.org \
  bundle exec ruby main.rb

.pem files will be written to files named after the value of NAMES, with the above config they would match foo.org_www.foo.org-*:


Running with Docker

Check out https://github.com/meskyanichi/dockerized-letsencrypt-dnsimple which wraps this in a Docker container so a ruby install is not needed.


Comes from the environment.

  • DNSIMPLE_API_USER and DNSIMPLE_API_TOKEN: get these from https://dnsimple.com/user
  • NAMES: a ,-separated list of names that will be in the requested cert. Use / instead of . to denote the separation between subdomain and dnsimple domain. For example, to request a cert for www.danp.net, where danp.net is the domain dnsimple knows about, you'd use www/danp.net.
  • ACME_CONTACT: the contact to use for registration
  • LETSENCRYPT_ENDPOINT: optional, defaults to the production endpoint at https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/
  • OUTPUT_FILE_BASE: optional, if specified, overrides the output filename base