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Command line utility to generate gluster health stats in json
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Gluster Statistics

gluster-stats is a command-line utility that generates health-related gluster statistics in json, for use in monitoring gluster.


pip install gluster-stats


Return gluster stats in json format. Requires root privileges.


$ gluster-stats --help
usage: gluster-stats [-h] [--record] [--version] [--timeout TIMEOUT]

Collect stats related to gluster

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --record           Record the gluster cli responses in a local response file
  --version          show program's version number and exit
  --timeout TIMEOUT  Timeout per command in seconds. Defaults to 300.

Example output:

$ sudo gluster-stats
 "brick_stats": {
  "preprodcomms": [
    "disk_free": 982151646412,
    "disk_total": 1064615018496,
    "disk_usage_percent": "0.08",
    "disk_used": 82463372084,
    "inode_free": 206325202,
    "inode_total": 208035840,
    "inode_usage_percent": "0.01",
    "inode_used": 1710638,
    "online": 1
    "disk_free": 984191755878,
    "disk_total": 1064615018496,
    "disk_usage_percent": "0.08",
    "disk_used": 80423262618,
    "inode_free": 206325528,
    "inode_total": 208035840,
    "inode_usage_percent": "0.01",
    "inode_used": 1710312,
    "online": 1
    "disk_free": 985802368614,
    "disk_total": 1064615018496,
    "disk_usage_percent": "0.07",
    "disk_used": 78812649882,
    "inode_free": 206325083,
    "inode_total": 208035840,
    "inode_usage_percent": "0.01",
    "inode_used": 1710757,
    "online": 1
 "gluster_version": "3.7.8",
 "glusterd": 1,
 "glusterfsd": 1,
 "peers": 2,
 "split_brain_entries": {
  "preprodcomms": 0
 "unhealed_entries": {
  "preprodcomms": 855
 "volume_count": 1,
 "volumes": [


The following commands are run and parsed to generate the json output:

  • gluster --version
  • gluster peer status
  • gluster volume list
  • pidof glusterd
  • pidof glusterfsd

For each volume, the following commands are run:

  • gluster volume heal <volume> info
  • gluster volume heal <volume> info split-brain
  • gluster volume status <volume> detail

When run with --sudo, the gluster commands that require sudo access (all but --version) are run with sudo prepended.


Run make test

Tests are run locally with generated mock response files. Run gluster-stats-generate to generate new mock response file. The file will be saved at gluster_stats_<gluster_version>.json.


gluster-stats uses semantic versioning. Backward incompatible changes to the json output (such as changing something from a list to a dict) require a major version bump. New values in a dictionary will come with a minor version bump. Bug fixes and patches will use a patch bump.


  • Use the secret --xml option with gluster volume status - status was hard to parse and the parser is probably fragile. This will require new mock test files.
  • Additional health checks?
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