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Code Mover

NOTE: Do not use this library, it is not maintained and it is wrong.

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Small library for migrating code, its sort of analagous to database migrations but instead of applying changes to a database, you apply it to code.

Note this is a proof of concept at the moment and has much work to be done.

This allows you to write and refine code migrations for massive API changes and refactorings.

// app/CodeMoverMigrations/FormFieldMigrator.php
// app/CodeMoverMigrations/FormFieldMigrator.php

use DTL\CodeMover\AbstractMigrator;
use DTL\CodeMover\MoverFile;

class FormFieldMigrator extends AbstractMigrator
    protected $fieldTypeMap = array(

    public function getName()
        return 'form_fields';

    public function getDependencies()
        return array('namespaces');

    public function accepts(AbstractFile $file)
        return $file->nameMatches('\/[a-zA-Z0-9]+Form\.php*');

    public function migrate(MigratorContext $context)
        $file = $this->context->getFile();

        $file->findLine('.*foobar.*')->replace('foobar', 'barfoo');

            'use .*?Field;',
            'use .*Group;'

        $file->findLines('$this->add\(new .*?Field')
        $file->findLines('$this->add\(new .*?Field')
            ->replace('\$this->add\(new (.*?)Field\(\'(.*?)\'', function ($matches) {
                $fieldType = strtolower($matches[1]);
                return '$this->add('.$matches[2].', '.$fieldType.'\'';
            })->each(function ($line) {
                    $line->match('(.*)foo(.*)')->apply(function($line, $match1, $match2) {
                        // the apply closure is passed the matches from the regex

The above migrator will:

  • Replace foobar with barfoo on lines matching regex .*foobar.*
  • Only process files matching the regex pattern *Form.php;
  • Delete all lines that match either use .*Field; or use .*Group
  • Will replace lines like $this->add(new TextAreaField('field_name') with $this->add('field_name', 'textarea');
    • Then apply a closure to each modified line

You can run it on some code:

php bin/codemover.php migrate ~/myproject/app/CodeMoverMigrations \
    --path ~/myproject/src/Bundle1 \
    --path ~/myproject/src/Bundle2 \
    --name "*CreateForm.php"

This will:

  • Run all the migration classes in ~/myproject/app/CodeMoverMigrations
  • On the code contained in ~/myproject/src/Bundle1 and ~/myproject/src/Bundle2
  • Only on filenames matching *CreateForm.php

And generate some output like:

Adding migrator: FormFieldMigrator
Adding migrator: NamespacesMigrator
Resolved migrator order: namespaces, form_fields
Migrator "namespaces" accepts file "/home/daniel/www/yProximite/yProx/src/Ylly/CmsBundle/Form/Admin/SiteCreateForm.php"
  -namespace Ylly\CmsBundle\Form\Admin;
  +namespace Ylly\CmsBundle\Form\Type\Admin;
Migrator "form_fields" accepts file "/home/daniel/www/yProximite/yProx/src/Ylly/CmsBundle/Form/Admin/SiteCreateForm.php"
  -use Ylly\OldFormBundle\Form\TextField;
  -use Ylly\OldFormBundle\Form\ChoiceField;
  -use Ylly\OldFormBundle\Form\CheckboxField;
  -use Ylly\OldFormBundle\Form\FieldGroup;
  -use Ylly\CmsBundle\Inheritance\Form\InheritanceField;
  -            $this->add(new ChoiceField('company', array(
  +            $this->add(company, choice', array(
  -            $this->add(new TextField('bundleName'));
  +            $this->add(bundleName, text'));
  -        $this->add(new TextField('title'));
  -        $this->add(new TextField('host'));
  -        $this->add(new TextField('localesAsCsv'));
  -        $this->add(new TextField('defaultLocale'));
  +        $this->add(title, text'));
  +        $this->add(host, text'));
  +        $this->add(localesAsCsv, text'));
  +        $this->add(defaultLocale, text'));
  -        $this->add(new ChoiceField('statisticsEngine', array('choices' => $statisticsEngines)));
  +        $this->add(statisticsEngine, choice', array('choices' => $statisticsEngines)));
  -        $this->add(new CheckboxField('enableExternalLinks'));
  -        $this->add(new CheckboxField('enableDir'));
  +        $this->add(enableExternalLinks, checkbox'));
  +        $this->add(enableDir, checkbox'));


Library for code migration/refactoring automization






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