Blahcaml provides basic Ocaml bindings to the Blahtex library
C++ OCaml XSLT
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| README for Blahcaml							|
|									|
|					|
|									|
| Dario Teixeira (				|

1. Overview

Blahcaml provides basic Ocaml bindings to the Blahtex library [1].  Blahtex
is written in C++, and aims at the conversion of TeX equations into MathML.
Blahtex was originally designed by David Harvey, but is currently maintained
by Gilles van Assche.

2. Facilities

Blahcaml is composed of two modules: Mathml2dtd and Blahcaml.  The former
provides low-level access to the MathML2 DTD, and should not be required by
most users;  The latter module contains facilities for performing both safe
and unsafe conversions from TeX into MathML.  Basically, an unsafe conversion
simply invokes the underlying Blahtex code, while a safe conversion adds a
subsequent validation of the generated MathML against the official MathML2
DTD [2].

3. Dependencies

On the Ocaml side, Blahcaml depends on PXP [3].  PXP is used by the "safe"
functions for validating the generated MathML against the official MathML2 DTD.

There is no need to get the Blahtex code because the Blahcaml tarball ships
with a snapshot of the relevant code from Blahtex.  This turned out to be
the most practical solution because presently the Blahtex source has no
provisions for building just the library and assumes that developers will
just copy the code into their own projects.

The Blahtex code is contained in the 'src/blahtexcore', 'src/unicodeconverter',
and 'src/messages' directories, and except for the makefiles, is bundled
in a pristine form.  The copyright of this code is of course that of the
Blahtex authors.  The version of Blahtex is 0.9.

4. Building and installing

Change into the 'src' directory and issue 'make' to build the Blahtex
code and the Blahcaml bindings.  Note that the C++ portions require g++.
After building, 'make install' will perform a findlib installation.
To generate the ocamldoc API documentation, use 'make apidoc'.

5. License

Blahcaml is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2.
See LICENSE file for full license text.  The Blahtex portions bundled with
the Blahcaml tarball are licensed in the same terms.  The tarball includes
also the official MathML2 DTD from the W3C.  Check the COPYRIGHT file in the
'src/mathml2dtd/mathml2dtd.d' directory for details.