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HomeAssistant Sensor for Mylar (Compatible with Upcoming Meda Card)
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Mylar Standalone Sensor and Upcoming Media Component

Home Assistant component to feed Upcoming Media Card with Mylar's upcoming comics and recent activity.

If you're having issues, check out the troubleshooting guide before posting an issue or asking for help on the forums.


  1. Install this component by copying these files to /custom_components/mylar/.
  2. (Optional) Install the card: Upcoming Media Card
  3. Add the code to your configuration.yaml using the config options below.
  4. Add the code for the card to your ui-lovelace.yaml.
  5. You will need to restart after installation for the component to start working.
key default required description
api_key yes Your Mylar API key
cv_api_key yes Your ComicVine API key
host localhost no The host Mylar is running on.
port 8090 no The port Mylar is running on.
urlbase / no The base URL Mylar is running under.
days 60 no How many days to look back for the history sensor.
ssl false no Whether or not to use SSL for Mylar.
finished_only false no If true, Hide "Snatched" entries in history sensors.
monitored_conditions history no A list of any of the following: history, upcoming, detailed_history, detailed_upcoming. The detailed versions require the Upcoming Media Card component.

Do not just copy examples, please use config options above to build your own!

Sample for configuration.yaml:

- platform: mylar
  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
  port: 8090
  days: 30
  ssl: true
    - detailed_upcoming
    - detailed_history

Sample for ui-lovelace.yaml:

- type: custom:upcoming-media-card
  entity: sensor.mylar_detailed_upcoming
  title: Upcoming Comics

Card Content Defaults:

key default example
title $title "Captain Hickenbottom #454"
line1 $episode "Rise of the Secret Skull"
line2 $release "Wednesday, August 07, 2019" for detailed_upcoming and "4d9h ago" for detailed_history
line3 $empty blank spacer line
line4 $genres For detailed_history, contains the status, eg "Snatched" or "Post-Processed"
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