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These packages provide code generation for the AngularDart Components gallery.

This is repo now contains the initial release of two new experimental code generating packages.


A package that generates a the gallery from each page that is generated by the angular_gallery_section package.


A package that generates a gallery page containing documentation and examples from a @GallerySectionConfig annotation.


Contains individual examples for all the components as well as the base package of the entire gallery example/angular_components_example.


As of angular: 5.0.0-alpha+5 the pub transformer has been removed in favor of code generation through package build. This package must be built with package build_runner.


Build the entire gallery from the example/angular_components_example directory.

pub run build_runner build --output <output directory>


Run a local development server with a file watcher and incremental rebuilds:

pub run build_runner serve web

Both of the build and serve commands will accept --release to build with dart2js instead of the the default dartdevc.

Known Issues:

When building and viewing the gallery these issues are expected at this time:

  • Build Warnings:

    Generator does not support multiple @GallerySectionConfig annotations in a single lib directory.

  • Runtime Warning:

    SEVERE: OverlayService must be a singleton: Check that there is no nested overlayBindings or popupBindings