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Dart utility methods to create StreamTransfomer instances to manipulate Streams
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natebosch Add asyncMapSample transform (#79)
Like `asyncMapBuffer` but drops instead of collecting previous events.

- Refactor `_Buffer` class into `Aggregate` which takes a function to
  aggregate values instead of only collecting them to a List. This will
  not be published.
- Add `asyncMapSample` which is effectively an identical implementation
  to `asyncMapBuffer` except it chooses a different aggregation
Latest commit a4676ad May 4, 2019

Utility methods to create StreamTransfomer instances to manipulate Streams.


Like asyncMap but events are buffered in a List until previous events have been processed rather than being called for each element individually.


Like asyncMap but events are discarded, keeping only the latest, until previous events have been processed rather than being called for every element.


Like where but allows an asynchronous predicate.


Audit waits for a period of time after receiving a value and then only emits the most recent value.


Collects values from a source stream until a trigger stream fires and the collected values are emitted.


Combine the most recent event from two streams through a callback and emit the result.


Combines the latest events emitted from multiple source streams and yields a list of the values.

debounce, debounceBuffer

Prevents a source stream from emitting too frequently by dropping or collecting values that occur within a given duration.


Like asyncMap but the convert callback can be called with subsequent values before it has finished for previous values.


Appends the values of a stream after another stream finishes.

merge, mergeAll

Interleaves events from multiple streams into a single stream.


Scan is like fold, but instead of producing a single value it yields each intermediate accumulation.

startWith, startWithMany, startWithStream

Prepend a value, an iterable, or a stream to the beginning of another stream.

switchMap, switchLatest

Flatten a Stream of Streams into a Stream which forwards values from the most recent Stream


Let values through until a Future fires.


Taps into a single-subscriber stream to react to values as they pass, without being a real subscriber.


Blocks events for a duration after an event is successfully emitted.


Like Iterable.whereType for a stream.

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