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An adoption site for pets in South Korea
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server-faked updated readmes Feb 9, 2019

Rescue Korea

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What is it?

A listing site for people to post their pets, rescued animals or animals in kill shelters in South Korea.

What's special about this project?

This was my first team project through Chingu. I was chosen as the Project Manager(PM) and led a team of developers through each phase of the product development cycle. I'm also the long-term maintainer and contact person for members of the popular Facebook group, Animal Rescue Network Korea.

What does this repo contain?

  • Our team created a client-side React app
    • For original commits, PR and team communication visit this repo
  • I created a serverless Express/Mongo API to serve our requests
  • I created a fake/mock server for use in development Further details are available in their respective readme's

Want to contribute?

I'd gladly look over any PR's, if you'd like to contribute and improve the site. Specifically, I'm hoping someone can help translate the site into Korean to spread it's impact even further

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