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DataHub frontend in node.js.

Build Status

Quick Start

Clone the repo, install dependencies using yarn (or npm), and run the server:

# or npm install
yarn install
npm start

Env vars

We use .env file for loading environment variables. Please, use provided env.template as a template:

  • SITE_URL - FQ base URL of the site e.g.
  • API_URL - FQ base URL of the API endpoint eg.
  • BITSTORE_URL - base URL for the bitstore (pkgstore) e.g.

When running locally, use test api address in .env:


See the docs for more information.


The javascript portion of the app, which is responsible for rendering views, comes from a different repo. That repo must be submoduled in and then built:

git submodule init && git submodule update

To build the CSS:

  1. Install sass

  2. Run:

    sass --watch public/sass:public/stylesheets

Now run the server:

export API_URL=
export dev=true
npm start

To run in watch mode:

# note the -e which means we watch for changes in templates too
nodemon -e "js html" index.js

To run tests (make sure all environment variables are set):

yarn test


We use Google Tag Manager to manage all tags (eg, google analytics, optimize and more) so instead of adding a new script into templates, you should consider editing via UI of Tag Manager.