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Describing the datasets-br and centralizing general discussions here
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Describing the datasets-br directives and using this project as point of generic discussions.

Dataset-BR directives

  1. To post qualified datasets in the;
  2. To unify, by curatory process, a set of Wikidata fragments if items, or commom instances of an item;
  3. To unify terminology to express CSV colunm names, table and column semantics (SchemaOrg conventions when possible)
  4. Digital preservation (CSV files and data dumps from original soruces) of the curated datasets;
  5. Monitoring/auditing Wikidata and OpenStreetMap changes, in the context of the curated datasets.

Use as an ecosystem of datasets

Example of use with 2 BR's datasets, state-codes and city-codes.

Operating with pure SQL or SQL-unifier will be easy to merge with other datasets... With PopstgreSQL you can offer datasets in an standard API with PostgreREST (or its descendents pREST and PostGraphile), or plug-and-play with SchemaOrg standards, FrictionlessData standards (and tools), etc.


... under construction

Conventions for data provenance and prepare.

  Contents and data of this project are dedicated to

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