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    Provided as a Tabular Data Package: view datapackage.
  PS: help us to view as core dataset at and


Comprehensive Brazilian state codes information, including ISO 3166-2:BR codes (the official 2-letter code abbreviations), IBGE state codes, and "timelines" of each state creation. Provided as a Simple Data Format Data Package.

Use the last release as the most reliable.

All standard state-codes are at br-state-codes.csv (described by datapackage.json), as "one stop" reliable sourse, and as curated reference to the digital preservation of datasets from Wikidata (semantic at data/dump_wikidata) and OpenStreetMap (spatial at data/dump_osm), as JSON dataset dumps.

Strictly, each code designates an federation unit ("Unidade da Federação" - UF), that can be a state as usual country-scale area segmentation, and can be also capital districts and territories.

The time-zone conventions are expressed in state-scale, so they are part of this dataset.



The official Brazilian regions are the state spatial containers, and at OSM represents "administrative boundaries level 3" (tag admin_level=3), while states are level 4.

Dumps and database

At dump_wikidata dump of Wikidata item of each state (e.g. MG.json) is preserved. At dump_osm dump of Openstreetmap GeoJSON map of each state (e.g. MG.geojson) is preserved. The database relationships for CSV files is illustrated in the UML class diagram below:

The external br-city-codes.csv is a complementar dataset represented in the full-database presented in the diagram. When necessary, same structure as br-city-synonyms.csv can be used for state and region sets of synonyms.


Please, before to submit pull requests for br-state-codes.csv changes, edit this public spreadsheet. Discussions at git issues (we can chat Portuguese in there!).

More details here. Example:

UF Wikidata link dump OSM dump Wikidata
AC acre = Q40780 AC map AC wd-dump
AL alagoas = Q40885 AL map AL wd-dump
... ... ... ...
GB extinct guanabara = Q1155409 no map? GB wd-dump
... ... ... ...

So, there are 4 opportunities to collabore:

  1. (any one) at the friendly public spreadsheet
  2. (github users) here, with issues or pull requests
  3. (wiki experts) at Wikidata
  4. (OSM users) at OpenStreetMap

We check here the consistency of all the parts, and we preserve all backups as stable snapshots.


Download the spreadsheet as CSV, and update git with it. When editing datapackage, test goodtables datapackage.json and git diff before commit.

Sources and references


Secondary and checking:

Other references:

See also


Brazilian states 2-letter codes (ISO 3166-2:BR), official abbreviations throughout the country's history







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