HTTP request handler for Hyperdrive and Hypercore
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Hyperdrive Http

Serve a hyperdrive archive over HTTP. For an example of use, see



Hyperdrive-http returns a function to call when you receive a http request:

var server = http.createServer()
server.on('request', hyperdriveHttp(archive))


To use hyperdrive-http you will need to:

  • Create your own http server
  • Setup your hyperdrive archive
  • For remote archives, connect to the swarm


Hyperdrive works with many archives/feeds or a single archive.


  • exposeHeaders - If set to true, hyperdrive-http will add custom Hyperdrive- HTTP headers to directory listing requests (default: false):
    Hyperdrive-Key: de2a51bbaf8a5545eff82c999f15e1fd29637b3f16db94633cb6e2e0c324f833
    Hyperdrive-Version: 4
  • live - If set to true will reload a directly listing if the archive receives updates.
  • footer - Add a footer to your HTML page. Automatically adds archive version number to footer.

URL Format

Hyperdrive-http responds to any URL with a specific format. If the URL does cannot be parsed, it will return a 404.

  • Get archive listing:
  • Get file from archive:

If a directory in the archive contains an index.html page that file is returned instead of the directory listing.


There is also a CLI that can be used for demo + testing. Pass it a dat link or a path to an existing dat folder:

node cli.js <dat-key>
node cli.js /path/do/existing/dat