Argentum Age Card Art Guidelines

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Technical Guidelines

A piece of card art for Argentum Age is an illustration commissioned for the purpose of displaying on one of our in-game cards. An illustration might start off looking like this:

And end up as a card in-game looking like this:

As you can see, the upper-center piece of the art is the most prominently displayed. The lower part of the art is blurred and dimmed with rules text drawn upon it. The corner areas of the art are not displayed at all.

However, while cards are the primary use of the art, we do use the art in other areas of the game, and for promotional purposes. It is most important that the art looks attractive when displayed on a card, but also important it works as a stand-alone piece.

Artists should note this template that can be used when composing their art to see which part fits within the card area:

Art for Argentum Age is commissioned in one of two formats. Our Large format is for the more important cards in the game, cards which reflect important characters in the lore of Argentum Age or important scenes. This will be for art which will likely be used in several places other than just on the cards.

Art for large format art should be delivered in 960x840 images, noting that in each case the hexagonal template will be used to extract the important part of the scene for display on the card. Areas outside of the template may be used in other areas of the game.

Small format art is art for cards that will be used primarily for display on the cards. It is commissioned in the highest resolution that cards will normally be displayed in. Art for small format art is delivered in 400x350 resolution. The area outside of the hexagonal displayed area is not considered important in this art, and the area toward the bottom of the hexagon does not need to be finely detailed. Only the white area in the template needs to be highly detailed.


Art in the game is shipped in PNG format at the specified resolutions. However, artists should submit their source file with layers (PSD or other format, depending on the program they used) so we can file it for possible future uses. It is ideal if art for characters is on a separate layer to their background so we might use the characters separately for promotional purposes.

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