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Turns your iphone/android device into a remote game controller using nodejs.
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By David Wang, Daniel Ge, Bezhou Feng, and Adi Dahiya

v 0.1.0 Note: This version of rage racer was demoed at Spring 2011 HackNY. It's very "hacked" and makes a lot of unnecessary broadcast calls. Future versions will fix this and use modules dnode + connect.

To see our demo video at HackNY, jump to minute 1:17:27 of the archive of the livestream:

Getting Started

Install node.js, npm, (eyes for debuggin purposes)

Clone the git repo, install dependencies, and start our demo:

  1. cd rageracer/
  2. npm install eyes
  3. node rageracer.js

To view the GUI, open the serverrunner.html under the folder "client". During the demo we hosted serverrunner.html and server.js on another server, but it can hosted on the same server (given that node.js is properly configured to serve them as static files). This will be fixed in future releases.

Many thanks to the guys at Nodejitsu for their help.

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