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   baukasten made with love & help.
   Author   :   David Hellmann
   Website  :
   Github   :

Install baukasten

npm i generator-baukasten -g

Start Generator

// Go to your project directory and do that
yo baukasten


It's just a little 'Baukasten' or Boilerplate for your next Craft CMS or Prototyping Project. WordPress is also on Board but has not the priority as the other ones. Most of the stuff fits for my own requirements and maybe you have the same you can have a lot of fun with it. Give it a try.


Actually the WordPress Version has no Focus. Craft CMS + Prototyping have priority! But you can use it, no problem.

Big thanks to Sascha Fuchs and his Kittn for a lot of help and inspiration. Also big thanks to Martin Herweg and his YO Generator that help me a lot too. And last but not least thanks to all members from our Slack Channel webdevs — feel free to join us.

What's inside? A lot! :-)

This three scenarios are covered by the generator:

  • Craft CMS — Up to Date
  • Craft CMS Beta 3 — Not for production
  • WordPress — No up to date but a good startpoint
  • Prototyping (with Twig) — No up to date but a good startpoint


You can find this stuff here: ___src/assets/css/_______settings

Sass Functions

You can find this stuff here: ___src/assets/css/______tools

Sass Mixins

You can find this stuff here: ___src/assets/css/_______settings

Install NPM Packages

npm install // yarn install

Initialize Project

gulp init  // npm run start OR yarn start

Default Task with BrowserSync

gulp // npm run dev OR yarn dev

Task for Building

This Task clean the folder, build the stuff from ground up and optimize the images and minifiy JS / CSS files. Ready for live!

gulp build // npm run build OR yarn build

Other Tasks

There are some other Tasks there…

"start": "gulp init",
"dev": "gulp",
"build": "gulp build",
"clean:dist": "gulp clean:dist",
"clean:templates": "gulp clean:templates",
"clean:images": "gulp clean:images",
"clean:js": "gulp clean:js",
"clean:css": "gulp clean:css",
"copy:fonts": "gulp copy:fonts",
"copy:images": "gulp copy:images",
"copy:svg": "gulp copy:svg",
"copy:svg-single": "gulp copy:svg-single",
"create:svg-sprite": "gulp create:svg-sprite",
"copy:systemFiles": "gulp copy:systemFiles",
"compile:css": "gulp compile:css",
"compile:js": "gulp compile:js",
"compile:templates": "gulp compile:templates",
"create:criticalcss": "gulp create:criticalcss",
"create:favicons": "gulp create:favicons",
"create:inlineJS": "gulp create:inlineJS"
// Clean Tasks
// Clean the specific folder in the "___dist" dir
gulp clean:templates
gulp clean:css
gulp clean:js
gulp clean:images
// Main Tasks
// All this are triggered within "gulp init" & "gulp build" task.
// Some of this are triggered within the "gulp" task.
gulp compile:templates
gulp create:inlineJS,
gulp copy:systemFiles
gulp modernizr
gulp compile:js
gulp compile:css
gulp copy:fonts
gulp copy:images
gulp copy:svg-single
gulp create:svg-sprite
// Minify Tasks
// This task are triggered within the "guld build" task.
gulp minify:js
gulp minify:sass
gulp minify:images

Thanks to

  • webdevs - for so many things: Website
  • Sascha Fuchs - for help help help: Website
  • Martin Herweg - for help help help: Website
  • CSS Tricks - for Easing Map: Website
  • Florian Kutschera - for the Material Design Box Shadows: Website
  • Hugo Giraudel & Eduardo Bouças - for include media: Website
  • @LukyVj - for family.scss: Website
  • inuitcss - for some snippets and inspiration: website