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This library packages the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library for fanstatic.

This requires integration between your web framework and fanstatic, and making sure that the original resources (shipped in the resources directory in js.leaflet) are published to some URL. As a bonus, this library also packages up minified versions of the original CSS resources.



The packaging is stored on GitHub at If you happen to come across a bug that corresponds to packaging, then please report it here. Pull requests are more than welcome if you're fixing something yourself -- the more help the better!

Any other bugs that relate to the library itself should be directed to the original developers.

Development of this package

This process requires installation of the package for development - the suggested method to do this is via the Buildout within this package:

cd js.leaflet

Running tests

After running the Buildout within this package, do this:


...and watch the magic unfold.

Updating this package

In order to obtain a newer version of this library, do the following (substituting the version number for the newer version):

pushd js/leaflet/resources
#Overwrites older files with new ones
unzip -o
#Edit changelog, for versions, etc here
./bin/fanstatic-compile -v js
git add js
git commit -a -m "Updated for release $LEAFLET_VERSION"
git push

If you're doing this out in your own fork of the GitHub repository, then send through a pull request so everyone can benefit from the updated library.