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Convert 15-character Salesforce Ids in a CSV file to 18-character Ids.
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This tool aims to simplify Salesforce data-load and ETL workflows by seamlessly converting 15-character Id values to their corresponding 18-character Ids in CSV data.


cat test.csv | fix15 -c Id -c AccountId > done.csv

Converts the columns "AccountId" and "Id" in the file test.csv and writes the output to done.csv.

fix15 -c Id -c AccountId -i test.csv -o done.csv

Exactly the same as above.

fix15 -n 0 -n 4 -s -i test.csv -o done.csv

Converts the first (0-based) and fifth columns of test.csv, skipping a header row (-s). Omit -s if no header row is present; this ensures that in numbered-column mode no error is thrown for header values, which are not valid Ids.


fix15 only handles CSV files encoded in UTF-8, which is an option when exporting report data from Salesforce. HTML-formatted ("xls") Salesforce report exports are not supported.

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