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Awesome Hanami Awesome

A collection of awesome ruby gems and projects for hanami development.

The goal is to help every hanami developer to build an awesome product/service.

Hanami Gem List


  • hanami-bootstrap - Bootstrap wrapper for hanami framework.
  • jquery-hanami - This gem provides jQuery and the jQuery-ujs driver for your Hanami application.
  • hanami-webpack - A RubyGem to allow you to use the Webpack as your asset pipeline in Hanami.

Authentication and OAuth

File Uploading

  • hanami-shrine - Upload solution for Hanami using Shrine library

Performance Monitoring





Building APIs

API Documentation

  • had - Hanami API Documentation


Editors and IDE

  • How to run Hanami in RubyMine
  • projectile-hanami - Projectile Hanami is an Emacs minor mode, based on Projectile, for navigating Hanami projects.
  • Vim Hanami - plugin that gives you faster navigation between semantically associated files, like Action <-> View, Entity <-> Repository or Spec <-> Entity.
  • Vim Minispec - plugin runs your Gem or Hanami Minitest specs and displays the results in Vim quickfix.

Vanilla Libraries and Hanami

Hanami Project List

Closed Source

Open Source

Play/Pet projects

Useful Links

Blog Posts

User Groups



Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.