System Tracking & Activity Restrictions, see demo here
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STARE | System Tracking & Activity restrictions Track What You Do, When You Do and Why ??


A) Personal Usage

1. See what you did throughout the day or (daily,weekly and monthly application usage). Because you kind of forget what all activities you did, whether it was expected or some unnecessary usage. So Yeah.. Its kind of awesome that you can now track urself and bring some changes in behaviour.

2. And we have a constraint feature, which kind of enables users to schedule autoclose for any application(which you are addicted of..) after a fixed time limit. Isn't cool??

3. Default Reminder, We can recommend users what to do at anytime on the basis of their previous activity pattern.

B) Parental control

1. Parents can watch the activities of their child and can accordingly take some actions to turn them in right direction.  

2. Can automatically close unwanted applications using constraint feature.

C) Future aspects

Reducing Page Faults in Memory 

1. As we have the previous records of user activity logs, we can very much predict what user is most likely to do at a given time, so we can prefetch the pages for corresponding application in memory

Useful dataset for E-commerce companies

2. we will provide an api to E-Commerce companies, using our API these companies can access the execlusive user data which they can use to perform some kind of profiling to target the better product to more appropriate audience.

D) Web Watch and Remote Synchronisation

This we can use to watch the activities of remote user using their IP address. And STARE allows users to run same application in remote devices as you are using in your current device.

E) Default reminders

Recommend users what to do at anytime on the basis of their previous activity pattern. This way we can avoid missing an important task. whoaa!!

F) Survey Usage

1. A survey on a group of people will tell about their nature and what kind of things they like or do etc. (This can be helpful for others)
2. Such surveys might help predicting a lot in understanding a particular group of people. 

For more please visit our website STARE

And as both our App and Website are open source, you can play around with them.

Happy Coding !!

Deploy on Heroku -