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jekyll curl crontab


git clone
cd && ./

# -H for external access 
jekyll serve -H -P 4444

It is also possible to serve only the generated _site/ folder as html.


To generate a new page, the readme-list.csv contains entries with the attributes: "headline", link to the "external repo", the "direct link to the external markdown file", and if it should be a subsection of a "parent menu entry".

To add static content add/edit files in the markdown folder and then include it as the same way as the external markdowns in the readme-list.tsv.


Configured in _includes/sidebar.html. Sorted alphabetically with the following code

{% assign pages_list = site.pages | sort:"title" %}

Automatic Update

To update external markdown every hour, add following entry to your crontab.

crontab -l > tmpcron
# skip first line if crontab is empty.
# enter repo folder.
echo "*/10 * * * * /bin/sh -c 'cd `pwd` && /usr/bin/git pull -q origin master && ./'" >> tmpcron
crontab tmpcron && rm tmpcron