Simple Ad Blocker for Android that uses VPN and doesn't require root
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Ad Buster is an Open Source (GPLv3 License) lightweight ad blocker for non-rooted Android devices. It uses a fake VPN to intercept and block the relevant DNS requests. (DNS requests that are not bloked are passed through to your original DNS server.

NOTE: The VPN used by this ad blocker is a loopback vpn service. No data is sent to any third party!


This software is currently still in alpha status. The base features work and should be stable, but some additional features are missing before a beta will be released:

  • Update flow for the app when a new version is released
  • CI/Testing
  • Nicer UI


This software is still in alpha stage, use at your own risk.

Releases can be downloaded here.


This proect is developed in Kotlin, please make sure you are using the latest version of the Kotlin plugin for Android Studio. The VPN is developed based on the pcap4j and dnsjava Java libraries.

Pull requests welcome!


Licensed under GPLv3. Please see the License file for additional information.