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An efficient, embeddable DPLL SAT solver in Haskell
Haskell Shell


-*- mode: outline -*-

* Funsat: A DPLL-style SAT solver in pure Haskell

Funsat is a native Haskell SAT solver that uses modern techniques for solving
SAT instances.  Current features include two-watched literals, conflict-directed
learning, non-chronological backtracking, a VSIDS-like dynamic variable
ordering, and restarts.  Our goal is to facilitate convenient embedding of a
reasonably fast SAT solver as a constraint solving backend in other

Currently along this theme we provide /unsatisfiable core/ generation, giving
(hopefully) small unsatisfiable sub-problems of unsatisfiable input problems
(see "Funsat.Resolution").

* Installation
Install using the typical Cabal procedure:

    $ ghc --make -o Setup Setup.hs
    $ ./Setup configure
    $ ./Setup build

This will produce a binary called funsat at ./dist/build/funsat/funsat and a
standalone library interface for the solver.  If you feel like profiling the
code, a profiling binary is automatically built in

** Dependencies
All the dependences are cabal-ised and available from hackage, or in etc/.

*** parse-dimacs
A haskell CNF file parser.

*** bitset

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