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This is a Fuse-based perl script that allows you to create a mountpoint that allows you to access many web resources as a filesystem. It needs a lot of work w.r.t. caching, but you can play with it.


REQUIRED non-standard modules:

  • Fuse
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • URI

OPTIONAL modules:

  • XML::XPath
  • HTML::TreeBuilder
  • JSON
  • CSS


# usermod -a -G fuse <your username>
# vi /etc/fuse.conf
(enable the user_allow_other option, if you desire)


% mkdir ~/r
% mount.restfs -d ~/r
% cat "$HOME/r/,dave,tmp,demo.html/links/Google REST Search/tree/responseData/results/0/unescapedUrl/links/RSS/tree/rss/channel/item[1]/title/text()"
Blog reveals Afghanistan medic Karen Woo's dedication - BBC News
% fusermount -u ~/r

That cat did the following:

  1. Pulled down the HTML web page at (,dave,tmp,demo.html)
  2. Followed the link with the text "Google REST Search", which goes to a google REST API search result in JSON format (links/Google REST Search)
  3. Traversed the JSON structure that it got from following that link to the first result, and followed the url it found there (tree/responseData/results/0/unescapedUrl)
  4. Clicked the first link with the text "RSS" to an RSS file (links/RSS)
  5. Traversed the XML using xpath and gave you the text node's contents, thus retrieving the RSS "title" attribute of the first item (tree/rss/channel/item[1]/title/text())


Assuming mount on /mnt, paths look like: /mnt/<encoded url>/<info> where <encoded url> is a url with commas replaced with %2C then /s replaced with commas.

So, e.g. /mnt/,w,api.php?action=parse&page=Kittens

(shell escaping is left as an exercise to the reader) (you can leave off the http:,, if it's not HTTPS)

<info> consists of the following shared files:

  • content: result of the request
  • url: decoded url of the request for convenience
  • headers: response headers

additionally, types text/plain and text/html have:

  • links/: a directory of symlinks named (uniquely) after their related text

additionally, types text/html, text/xml, and application/json have:

  • tree/<tree-path>

<tree-path> varies depending on the encoding, but for JSON each path component corresponds to an object property (numbers for array indices), and for html & xml it corresponds to an XPath

Right now the only way to unmount is "fusermount -u /path/to/mntpt" which will also make the script exit; ^C or killing the pid won't unmount the fs!


  • Threading
  • Cache improvements


A Fuse-based perl script to mount a web-resource browsing filesystem






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