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"The Evolution of Trust"


本作品 信任的进化 (译名参考罗伯特·阿克塞尔罗德的《合作的进化》)属于公共领域,多亏了现有的知识共享许可和开源的资源,才能顺利地诞生!本项目用到的全部音乐、音效、以及代码列举如下:

音乐: "Bleu" by Komiku (CC Zero). 在 Free Music Archive 上下载他们的整张专辑



  • PIXI.js 用于渲染图像
  • Howler.js 用于声音
  • Tween.js 用于动画补间(感谢 V2EX 的 @geelaw 指正翻译)
  • Balloon.css 用于弹窗显示工具小提示
  • Q 用于 promises
  • MinPubSub 用于发布和订阅
  • Pegasus 用于……我懒得不想写自己的 XHR

字体: Futura Handwritten by Bill Snyder

How-To: Translate this thang!

[IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A TRANSLATION, CHECK THE "ISSUES" TAB ABOVE, TO SEE IF SOMEONE ELSE IS ALREADY WORKING ON IT. If so, maybe you can collaborate! And if no one else is, PLEASE CREATE A NEW ISSUE in this repo so that others know you're working on it!]

Translations done so far: Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Taiwan), Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spain Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Vietnamese, Greek, Persian/Farsi, Hungarian, Catalan, Arabic, Bulgarian, Korean, Romanian

Step 1) Fork or download this repo (if you're forking it, be sure to make sure your repo is on a branch called gh-pages, so that GitHub can automatically generate a webpage for it!)

Step 2) Translate the following files:

index.html -- The title & social sharing text (a few words) words.html -- All the words for the interactive itself (~3,300 words) (optional) notes/index.html -- The footnotes (~1,100 words) (optional) peeps/index.html -- The full credits (a few words)

Step 3) Remember to test your translation! You can test things locally using http-server or MAMP.

Step 4) Email me with a link to your forked repo / the translated files, at N {{at}} NCASE {{dot}} ME There may be a few things here and there we need to fix! (also, if you run into any issues, please email me as well! I may take a while to respond since I'm away the next couple weeks)

Step 5) Wait for me to stop being busy and/or lazy and actually link your translated version from the main English version

Step 6) Party! 🎉


Creative Commons Zero: 本协议适用于对于公共领域的无私奉献,从根本上来说,您可以做任何事!欢迎署名,我不会对您追究任何法律责任。


一个合作博弈论的互动讲解手册 An interactive guide to the game theory of cooperation







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