UNMAINTAINED, not written by me. Forked from tux21b to send pull request, but the original seem to be no longer available. /// A simple DBM package for Go
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godbm - A fast and native DBM implementation for Go

The godbm package provides a native DBM like database similar to Berkley DB,
QDBM or Kyota Cabinet.

This lightweight embedded database can only used by one process at a time, but
that's not a problem because Go programs are quite good a concurrency and if
you want to access the database from different hosts, you can provide a service
using the RPC package. The advantage of this approach is that you are not bound
to an external DBMS and that the simple DBM provided by this package is
extremely fast.

Therefore godbm is the ideal solution if you want to build things like a
persistent cache, a session store or when you need to find a way to persist
the mails for your own MDA!

Attention: The godbm package is currently work in progress and the file format
is likely to change in further versions. So do not use it for sensitive data


To use this package, you first have to install it using goinstall:

    goinstall github.com/tux21b.org/godbm/

After that, you can start writing your own program using godbm. For example:

    package main

    import (

    func main() {
        db, err := godbm.Create("test.db", 10)
        if err != nil {
            fmt.Println("Error:", err)

        if err = db.Set([]byte("foo"), []byte("bar")); err != nil {
            fmt.Println("Error:", err)

        var data []byte
        if data, err = db.Get([]byte("foo")); err != nil {
            fmt.Println("Error:", err)
        fmt.Printf("Data: %s\n", data)

Additional examples can be found in the file "godbm_test.go".


This is currently a very early draft and a lot of features are missing. The
file format might also change is further versions and backwards compatibility
isn't a goal yet. But all kind of help or feedback is highly appreciated so do
not hesitate to contact me.