DDRoom is a digital photo processing application.
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DDRoom is a digital photo processing cross-platform desktop application with rich features, and emphasis on accuracy, performance and interactivity. It was created from a scratch, written on C++11 with Qt library and intense concurrency usage, and released under GPLv3 license.

Some highlights of that project:

  • custom Bayer demosaicing algorithm;
  • a wide variety of interactive filters for geometry and colour manipulations;
  • geometry conversions are done in one resampling pass after coordinates tracing of the resulting pixels, to keep sharpness;
  • colour manipulations are done within the CIECAM02 colour appearance model in terms of 'brightness' 'saturation' and 'hue', for the best colours accuracy.
  • batch processing etc..

Release includes an user manual in PDF form, a zip archive with a build for the win32 platform - Windows Vista / 7 / 10 etc., and archive with sources as well. To build from the sources check INSTALL.txt.

DDRoom is a cross-platform application, tested under Linux and Windows, and should be able to run on MacOSX as well, but author don't have an access to Mac platform right now.

For feedbacks or donations please contact author to email: ddroom.spectr@gmail.com (or spectr@gmail.com ).

(C) 2015-2016 Mykhailo Malyshko a.k.a. Spectr.