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An ESPEasy Plugin to Control RGB-WW-CW Lights

Version 1.04 release notes:


Command Syntax:

lights rgb <rrggbb> [fading time in s]

eg: lights,rgb,ff00ff
eg: lights,rgb,ff00ff,10

lights ct <color temp in Kelvin> [fade time in s] [brightness in %]

eg: lights,ct,3000 
eg: lights,ct,2800 1
eg: lights,ct,5500,10,100

lights pct <brightness in %> [fading time in s]

eg: lights,pct,10
eg: lights,pct,90,5

lights on [fading time in s]

eg: lights,on
eg: lights,on,5

lights off [fading time in s]

eg: lights,on
eg: lights,on,1

lights toggle [fading time in s]

eg: lights,toggle
eg: lights,toggle,5
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