The development repository for the deal.II finite element library.
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What is deal.II?

deal.II is a C++ program library targeted at the computational solution of partial differential equations using adaptive finite elements. It uses state-of-the-art programming techniques to offer you a modern interface to the complex data structures and algorithms required.

For the impatient:

Let's say you've unpacked the .tar.gz file into a directory /path/to/dealii/sources. Then configure, compile, and install the deal.II library with:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/where/dealii/should/be/installed/to /path/to/dealii/sources
$ make install    (alternatively $ make -j<N> install)
$ make test

To build from the repository, execute the following commands first:

$ git clone
$ cd dealii

Then continue as before.

A detailed ReadME can be found at ./doc/readme.html and ./doc/users/cmake.html or at

Getting started:

The tutorial steps are located under examples/ of the installation. Information about the tutorial steps can be found at ./doc/doxygen/tutorial/index.html or at

deal.II includes support for pretty-printing deal.II objects inside GDB. See contrib/utilities/ or the new documentation page (under 'information for users') for instructions on how to set this up.


Please see the file ./LICENSE for details

Further information:

For further information have a look at ./doc/index.html or at

Continuous Integration Status:

Build Status