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The Neural Process Family

This repository contains notebook implementations of the following Neural Process variants:

  • Conditional Neural Processes (CNPs)
  • Neural Processes (NPs)
  • Attentive Neural Processes (ANPs)

The code for CNPs can be found in conditional_neural_process.ipynb while the code for both NPs and ANPs is located in attentive_neural_process.ipynb.

The notebooks include an overview of the different building blocks of the models as well as the code to run each model in the browser. Any further details can be found in the CNP paper, the NP paper and the ANP paper.

Quick run

The easiest way to run the code is to run it in the browser on Colab. Here below are the links to each of the notebooks in Colab:

Colaboratory is a free Jupyter notebook environment provided by Google that requires no setup and runs entirely in the cloud. The hosted runtime already includes the following dependencies, tested on the following versions in brackets:

  • Numpy (1.14.6)
  • Tensorflow (1.13.1)
  • Matplotlib (2.2.4)

which are all we need to run the code in this repository.

Alternatively, you can open the .ipynb files using Jupyter notebook. If you do this you will also have to set up a local kernel that includes Tensorflow.

Citing CNPs

If you like our work and end up using neural processes for your reseach give us a shout-out:

  1. Conditional Neural Processes: Garnelo M, Rosenbaum D, Maddison CJ, Ramalho T, Saxton D, Shanahan M, Teh YW, Rezende DJ, Eslami SM. Conditional Neural Processes. In International Conference on Machine Learning 2018.

  2. Neural Processes: Garnelo, M., Schwarz, J., Rosenbaum, D., Viola, F., Rezende, D.J., Eslami, S.M. and Teh, Y.W. Neural processes. ICML Workshop on Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Deep Generative Models 2018.

  3. Attentive Neural Processes: Kim, H., Mnih, A., Schwarz, J., Garnelo, M., Eslami, A., Rosenbaum, D., Vinyals, O. and Teh, Y.W. Attentive Neural Processes. In International Conference on Learning Representations 2019.


Any feedback is much appreciated! Drop us a line at (Conditional Neural Process) or ((Attentive) Neural Process).


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