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Defold manuals

This repo holds the markdown source files and assets for Defold documentation. The files are processed by the Defold site project at

The site is automatically rebuilt via a repository_dispatch event generated from this workflow when changes are pushed to the this repository.

Information for translators

If you wish to contribute translations in your language we happily accept pull requests! Please read the following sections to learn how to get started, what to translate and so on.

Getting started as a translator

Start by forking the repository. The English master documentation and the translations can be found in the docs folder. If your language doesn't already exist then create a new folder with the two-letter language code for your language (zh for Chinese, pt for Portuguese etc) and a sub-folder named "manuals". You are now ready to start translating the manuals!

What to translate

Translate the manuals found in the English master documentation (i.e. in "docs/en/manuals") one-by-one. Start by translating the and then proceed with the pages such as, and any of the other pages describing the basics of the engine.

You can also translate shared text snippets in "docs/en/shared". These short texts are often included and used in multiple manuals.

NOTE: Please do not contribute machine translated manuals!

Translate important concepts

It is recommended to translate but also show the English words for key concept of the Defold engine such as "game object", "collection", "factory" and "component":

Examples for Polish:

  • obiekty gry (ang. game object)
  • pełnomocnik kolekcji (ang. collection proxy)
  • fabryka (ang. factory)

Do NOT translate keyboard shortcuts

Do not translate things such as keyboard shortcuts as those are still in English in the editor:

<kbd>Edit ▸ World Space</kbd>;

Translate user actions

You should however translate actions the user should perform:

<kbd>drag</kbd> and <kbd>drop</kbd>
-- Polish
<kbd>przeciągnij</kbd> i <kbd>upuść</kbd>

Translate links

Markdown links should be translated:

[addressing manual](/manuals/addressing)

-- Polish
[Instrukcji adresowania](/manuals/addressing)

Do NOT translate API functions

References to Defold API functions, messages or ids should not be translated:

`init()`, `update()`, `on_message()`, `go.animate()` etc
`set_parent`, `enable`, `disable` etc
`bean`, `buddy`, `controller`, `team_1` etc

Do NOT translate code snippets

Comments in code snippets should not be translated

Do NOT translate special markup

The ::: sidenote and ::: important markup should not be translate (although the content inside should of course still be translated):

::: sidenote
This text inside the sidenote should be translated but NOT 'sidenote' above

::: important
This text inside important note should be translated but NOT 'important' above