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A PHP Guild Wars 2 SDK (Wrapper) for The Gw2 API
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Guild Wars 2 SDK for PHP

This is an unofficial Gw2 SDK for PHP. The SDK is currently under development, so functions, readme and/or examples will change. As Arenanet provides more options, I'll try to add them in. Feel free to fork and help out!


Gw2 SDK for PHP requires PHP 5.3.0 or later with cURL.


require '/path/to/libs/vesu/SDK/Gw2/Gw2SDK.php';
require '/path/to/libs/vesu/SDK/Gw2/Gw2Exception.php';

use \vesu\SDK\Gw2\Gw2SDK;
use \vesu\SDK\Gw2\Gw2Exception;

$gw2 = new Gw2SDK;


Basic usage (public functions only)

$gw2 = new Gw2SDK(dirname(__FILE__).'/cache'); // path to a webserver writable folder
$matches = $gw2->getMatches();

More Examples

An example folder was included so you can test this out on your webserver.

About Caching

Use a caching directory as it will greatly improve peformance. Original Cache class was written by Oliver Schwarz. Vielen Dank!


Refer to the file for license information


Gw2 SDK, Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 API,

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