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  1. wagi wagi Public

    Write HTTP handlers in WebAssembly with a minimal amount of work

    Rust 873 47

  2. osiris osiris Public archive

    A general purpose, scale-to-zero component for Kubernetes

    Go 463 53

  3. hippo hippo Public

    The WebAssembly Platform

    TypeScript 410 37

  4. spiderlightning spiderlightning Public

    A set of WIT definitions and associated implementations to enable app developers to work at a faster pace and require less knowledge of the environment in which they are executing.

    Rust 304 31

  5. containerd-wasm-shims containerd-wasm-shims Public

    containerd shims for running WebAssembly workloads in Kubernetes

    Rust 293 47

  6. bindle bindle Public

    Bindle: Object Storage for Collections

    Rust 260 38


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