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exixe: Low-cost miniature Nixie tube driver modules

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exixe is a miniature driver module for IN-12 and IN-14 Nixie tubes.

It aims to simplify Nixie tube related projects by eliminating the need for obscure vintage driver chips and multiplexing circuits. Instead, you can control every digit and the RGB backlight via SPI using only 3 wires and 1 line of code.

exixe is cheap, small and modular for easy integration. It is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and virtually all embedded dev boards today.

Buy exixe on Tindie!

I did a small production run of exixe modules, and now you can buy them directly on Tindie:


Compared to the traditional approach, exixe modules offers significant advantages:

Small and modular

  • 2x4 cm (0.79x1.57 inches)
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Easy integration
  • Reusable

SPI interface

  • High speed, up to 24MHz SCLK
  • Simple 16-byte command packet
  • Available on virtually all embedded systems including Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Advanced control

  • RGB backlight
  • 128 brightness levels
  • Hardware PWM on all cathodes and LEDs for smooth dimming and animations

Tube overdrive

  • Optionally allows twice the cathode current
  • For poisoned cathodes in second-hand tubes
  • Before and after.

No multiplexing

  • Brighter display
  • Longer tube life
  • Simpler design
  • Lower power consumption

Getting started

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Arduino Library

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Raspberry Pi/Python Library

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Pinout, SPI command format and technical details

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Supported tubes

exixe-14 module is primarily designed for IN-14 Nixie tubes, but will also work with IN-16 and IN-19 tubes.

exixe-12 module is primarily designed for IN-12 Nixie tubes, but works with IN-15 tubes as well.

Using other tubes

You can also use exixe module with unsupported tubes, with some modification.

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Making some yourself

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Questions? Feel free to open an issue. This is the preferred way since it helps other people too.

You can also email me at dekunukem gmail com for inquires.

More photos

exixe-12 working with an Arduino Micro, showing a smooth crossfade animation:

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exixe-14 in action on a finished clock:

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Miniature driver modules for IN-12 and IN-14 Nixie tubes







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