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##Lex.DB.Sync Framework

Lex.DB.Sync is a lightweight data synchronization framework for OData (WCF Data Services) endpoints.

###Why? In addition to database engine Lex.DB, simple, small and fast data synchronization framework is what most of us needed for disconnected applications.

Imagine, that all your data is loaded only once; consequent synchronization requests will deliver only changed records. Forget about permanent connection to the server, leave it do terminal-like HTML application. You just need split second to have all your data up-to-date, locally, literally on your fingertips.

###Supported platforms:

  • .NET 4.0+,
  • Silverlight 5.0+,
  • Windows Phone 8.0+,
  • Windows RT+.

Check author blog for more information about Lex.DB.Sync.