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Library for working with SEO parameters of models

How it works:

You add 2 fields to you model:

  • seo_url VARCHAR: it is unique model name, example:<seo_url>.
  • seo_meta TEXT: it is serialized array: ['title' => 'Post title', 'desc' => 'Post description', 'keys' => 'Post title, other keywords...'].

This behavior help you with:

  • Generate seo_url from model title considering your unique-conditions.
  • Internationalization for seo_meta.
  • Get model view url by simple call $model->viewUrl. (return relative url /post/my-first and even /cat1/cat2/awesome-post is possible).
  • Output model seo fields(internationalized) to html: <title>, <meta name="description"> and <meta name="keywords">
  • Form fields for seo_url and all seo_meta and internationalizations fields if needed.
  • You can(must) configure seo_meta fields generator, for example: keywords is: <postTitle>, key1, key2, <postTags>, ....

Examples of generated seo_url for some cases:

  • - post1, cat1, seo_url is awesome-post
  • - post2, cat2, seo_url is awesome-post also possible
  • - post3, cat1, seo_url is awesome-post_ (add underscore at end if name in post category already used)



composer require "demi/seo" "~1.0"


Each view should have access to demi\seo\SeoViewBehavior methods. So configure /frontend/config/main.php:

return [
    'components' => [
        'view' => [
            'as seo' => [
                'class' => 'demi\seo\SeoViewBehavior',
                // options by default:
                'titleTemplate' => '{title} - {appName}',
                'descriptionTemplate' => '{description}',
                'keywordsTemplate' => '{keywords}',

In model file add seo model behavior:


public function behaviors()
    return [
        'seo' => [
            'class' => 'demi\seo\SeoModelBehavior',
            'seoConfig' => [
                'urlField' => 'seo_url',
                'metaField' => 'seo_meta',
                // attribute name or anonymous function
                'urlProduceField' => 'title',
                // attribute name or anonymous function
                'titleProduceFunc' => 'title',
                // attribute name or anonymous function
                'descriptionProduceFunc' => 'short_desc',
                // attribute name or anonymous function
                'keysProduceFunc' => static function (self $model) {
                    return $model->title . ', tag1, tag2';
                // when user can manage model seo-fields (anonymous function possible) 
                'clientChange' => Yii::$app->has('user') && Yii::$app->user->can(User::ROLE_ADMIN),
                // param for Url::to(<viewRoute>)
                'viewRoute' => '/post/view',
                // param for Url::to(<viewRoute>, ['title' => $model->seo_url])
                'linkTitleParamName' => 'title',
                // only anon-function returns array of additional link params with values
                'additionalLinkParams' => static function (self $model) {
                    // Url::to(<viewRoute>, ['title' => $model->seo_url, 'category' => $model->category->seo_url])
                    return ['category' => $model->category->seo_url];
                // if you model have some unique condition
                'uniqueUrlFilter' => function (\yii\db\ActiveQuery $query) {
                    $query->andWhere(['category_id' => $this->category_id]);
                // if array - seo_meta will have possible to internationalization 
                'languages' => 'en',
                // Optional. All controller actions will added to stop-list for seo_url value.
                // For example: if you create model with seo_url = 'delete' you can't open model by url '/post/delete',
                // if this option enabled, then seo_url will be 'delete_' and url: '/post/delete_' 
                'controllerClassName' => '\frontend\controllers\PostController',
                // @see [\demi\seo\SeoModelBehavior] for more properties

PHPdoc for model:

 * @property-read  array $seoData
 * @method array getSeoData($lang = null) Metadata for this model
 * @method \demi\seo\SeoModelBehavior getSeoBehavior()
 * @property-read array $viewUrl
 * @method array getViewUrl() URL to material view page
 * @property-read  array $absoluteViewUrl
 * @method array getAbsoluteViewUrl() Absolute URL to material view page

Change /frontend/views/layouts/main.php:

/* @var $this \yii\web\View|\demi\seo\SeoViewBehavior */
    <!-- Replace default <title> tag -->    
    <title><?= Html::encode($this->title) ?></title>
    <!-- by this line: -->    
    <?php $this->renderMetaTags(); ?>


In "view.php" file for model:

// set SEO:meta data for current page

// Helper: set <link> tag for "no index" (and optional "no follow") for current page

or in controller:


Simple url rules example in '/frontend/config/main.php':

'urlManager' => [
    'enablePrettyUrl' => true,
    'showScriptName' => false,
    'rules' => [
        'post/<action:(index|create|update|delete)>' => 'post/<action>',
        'post/<title:[-\w]+>' => 'post/view',

and change /frontend/controllers/PostController.php:

public function actionView($title)
    $model = Post::find()->where(['seo_url' => $title])->one();
    if (!$model) {
        throw new NotFoundHttpException('Post not found');

    return $this->render('view', [
        'model' => $model,

// And in actionCreate() and actionUpdate() change
return $this->redirect(['view', 'id' => $model->id]);
// to
return $this->redirect($model->viewUrl);

Get link to model view page. Based on behavior config values: viewRoute and additionalLinkParams

// return url to material view page: '/post/super-post'
$url = $model->getViewUrl();
$url = $model->viewUrl;

// return absolute url to material view page: ''
$abs_url = $model->getAbsoluteViewUrl();
$abs_url = $model->absoluteViewUrl;

// Behind scene (for understanding):
return Url::to([$viewRoute, ['title' => $model->$titleField] + $additionalLinkParams]], $isAbsolute);

Render SEO:url and SEO:meta fields in the "/frontend/views/post/_form.php" file:

/* @var $model common\models\Post|demi\seo\SeoModelBehavior */
<?php $model->renderFormSeoFields($ActiveForm_or_void); ?>


Library for working with SEO parameters of Yii2 models




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