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CLI for MarionetteJS
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#Marionette CLI

Marionette CLI is the command line utility that provides RequireJS/CommonJS/ES6 app structure.


Run npm install -g marionette-cli or add dependency in your package.json file and run npm install


  • Generate app skeleton
  • Generate backbone/marionette files
  • Support different module types (RequireJS, CommonJS, ES6)

##Commands ###Set

set [options] <type>  Change module type. Short - s
Usage: set [options] <type>

Example: mt set rjs
Example: mt s rjs


new [options] Create new project. Short - n
Usage: new [options]

Example: mt new
Example: mt n
Example: mt n folderName - will genarate app in folderName folder

Command copying best practices (most stared examples of applications) from github.

####Generated files content

  • ES6 file content:
export default Marionette.LayoutView.extend({
	//Doc -


  • CommonJS file content:
"use strict";
var LayoutView = Marionette.LayoutView.extend({
	//Doc -
module.exports = LayoutView;


  • RequireJS file content:
define(['marionette'], function (Marionette) {
	"use strict";
	var LayoutView = Marionette.LayoutView.extend({
		//Doc -
	return LayoutView;




Usage: generate [options] [folder]
Generate files for marionette. Short - g


    -l --layout [name]       Layout
    -c --collection [name]   Collection
    -m --model [name]        Model
    -r --router [name]       Router
    -o --object [name]       Object or controller
    -v --itemView [name]     Item view
    --collectionView [name]  Collection view
    --compositeView [name]   Composite view

Example: mt generate -l - will create marionette layout file layout.js
Example: mt g -l - the same as above

Example: mt generate -l myName - will create marionette layout file myName.js
Example: mt g -l - the same as above

Example: mt generate -l myName myFolder - will create marionette layout file myName.js in folder myFolder
Example: mt g -l myName myFolder - the same as above

###Using Atom as your IDE? Get lasy and use MarionetteJS CLI package for atom

###Want to run CLI from your code?

var cli = require('marionette-cli/lib/cli');['generate', '--help']);
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