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Magic Mirror Module for the Teslamate utility
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Magic Mirror Module for the Teslamate utility


Big thanks to adriankumpf for their incredible work on the Teslamate project!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to submit a MR with a feature, or log an issue for a feature you'd like to see!

I use this module and Teslamate daily, so new MQTT topics should be added fairly regularly, but file an issue if I happen to miss one...


  • Requires an active installation of Teslamate, with the MQTT (mosquitto) publisher configured.

Clone this repo into your MagicMirror modules directory using:

git clone

Then run npm install inside the new cloned folder, and make sure to add the module to your MagicMirror config (config/config.js), using configuration similar to that in the Configuration section below.

Sample Configuration

    module: 'MMM-Teslamate',
    position: 'bottom_left',
    config: {
        mqttServer: {
            address: '',  // Server address or IP address of the MQTT broker
            port: '1883'          // Port number if other than default (1883)
            //user: 'user',          // Leave out for no user
            //password: 'password',  // Leave out for no password
        imperial: true, //use imperial units (false = Miles & F) or metric (true = Km & C)
        batteryDanger: 30, //below this value, battery levels are red
        batteryWarning: 50, //below this value, battery levels are yellow
        //above the warning value, battery levels are green


  • The "charge added" field is currently only enabled if the vehicle is plugged in
  • The "charge added" field is displayed in units of "Kw": is this correct?

Ongoing work

  • Add images of module
  • Add any new MQTT topics as they are added to Teslamate
  • Allow more customization of colors and text via config
  • Make more aspects of config customizable
  • Add support to selectively enable/disable certain lines
  • Selectively enable/disable certain fields based on other state (for example, still show scheduled charge time if plugged in)
  • Display Teslamate "status" topic
  • Format and display Teslamate "scheduled charge time" topic
  • Proper Imperial/Metric conversion and formatting
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