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Polyglot Resume for Dwight Spencer. java -jar resume.pdf.
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Additional Details

This project has been setup as a weekend hackathon to create a Polyglot Resume for Dwight Spencer. Three "cookies" or flags are located in this file and one can find in various ways.

Project Goals

- Demostrate CICD pipeline creations
- Demostrate Docker based CICD builds for local development
- Develop universal release pipeline for IPFS
- Develop universal github assets pipeline
- Reuse codebase as a polyglot release framework for CTFs held at Dallas Makerspace, 2600, and events.



- Polyglot jar/pdf file


- Self extracting jar file


- troff created pdf documents
- zipnote for filegate.txt
- FILE_ID.DIZ and other base items from on XM Core.

How to run

rename to .jar/.zip/.pdf for different results.

java -jar resume.<ext>

open || start || xdg-open resume.<ext>
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