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dequant Core Integration Repository


DEQUANT is the first Matsernode Coin for the security of its masterternodes based on quantum technology. The DEQUANT offers the entire Masternodes unrivaled protection through quantum technology.


The approach of DEQUANT is to solve this problem with a quantum computer to protect all Masterternodes.

Quantum offers us a powerful mechanism. There is still no Coin that protects your Masterternodes on Quantum level.

The quantum computer has long been a predominantly theoretical concept. There are several suggestions on how a quantum computer could be realized and on a small scale, some of these concepts were tested in the laboratory and quantum computers with a few qubits were realized. In addition to the number of qubits, however, it is also important, for example, to have a low error rate for calculating and reading, and for how long can the states in the qubits be maintained. Currently (2018), many large computer companies invest in the development of quantum computers and the record is around 50 to 70 qubits.

In the framework of complexity theory, algorithmic problems are assigned to so-called complexity classes. The best known and most important representatives are the classes P and NP. Where P denotes those problems whose solution can be calculated deterministically in terms of the input length of polynomial propagation time. NP has the problems to which there are solution algorithms that are non deterministically polynomial. Non-determinism allows to test different possibilities at the same time. Since our current computers are deterministic, non-determinism needs to be simulated by sequencing the different possibilities whereby the polynomiality of the solution strategy can be lost.

Join our growing Official Discord Server to speak directly with the team:

Coin Specs

Algorithmdequant Protocol (Modified Version of Quark)
MiningProof of Stake
Block Time90 Seconds
Total Coin Supply40,000,000 dequant
Premine20,000,000 dequant
Masternode5,000 dequant
Block Rewards80% Masternodes/ 20% POS

Block Rewards



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