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VBB JavaScript modules

This is a list of JavaScript modules for Berlin & Brandenburg public transport (VBB), grouped by their data source.

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Friendly Public Transport Format

Most of the modules below should be compatible with the Friendly Public Transport Format by now, making them interoperable.

Static Data

VBB publishes static public transport data (stops of all trains of all lines at all stations) as GTFS. These GTFS data sets look & feel like a database dump, so a lot of processing needs to be done to actually consume this data.

Modules containing processed static data:

Modules to find stations:

Modules with additional data:


VBB also provides an API under a proprietary license. This public API provides all the information they have, but is rate-limited, doesn't have CORS and isn't REST.

The VBB app talks to another private API that has no rate limits. Please note that the usage of this API is not officially endorsed and does not have any licensing. Use it through the modules below at your own risk.

These modules can be used to query data from the (private) API and other places.

Tools, UIs & Experiments

From the How to automatically generate transit maps. experiment:

Modules I'm not willing to maintain right now:

  • vbb-map – Render lines on a map. unmaintained
  • vbb-osm-map – Render lines on a map, using OpenStreetMap. unmaintained
  • vbb-toy-map-feed – A live feed for the BVG delays map. unmaintained
  • vbb-station-graph – Visualize public transport next to any station. unmaintained


Modules by others, in no particular order:


These modules perform a specific distinct task. They are used by the modules above.


List of JavaScript modules for Berlin & Brandenburg public transport.




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